Tax deductible donations that

finance trauma wellness services

for community members in need

Redistribute the health back to the people

Available in the state of Colorado in early 2019, the PurposePool coordinates the distribution of wellness awards between donors and qualifying patrons. PurposePool was created to help overcome a system-induced imbalance between holistic and allopathic health offerings.  Such an imbalance severely limits opportunities for healing and progress in our society.

Receiving regular holistic therapies is a human right, not a luxury.  Yet, most health insurance or corporate wellness plans underdeliver for these coverages.  Attention to our health at all levels of mind, body, and spirit is essential to our unity and harmonious coexistence.

PurposePool will be expanded to other states as the pool’s scalability improves, and as state laws for digital exchanges allow. The data driven results for social impact are reported to state officials, the public, and to the facilities who render the awarded wellness services.

How It Works

Social donors specify geographical areas and wellness niches allowed under the terms of their contributions

Patrons individually apply for wellness awards based on their eligibility or receive them from social wellness programs we create


Recipients of wellness awards can book appropriate service appointments through the TransactWellness network of reliable holistic facilities

Facilities are reimbursed by PurposePool when awarded services are rendered

Data driven metrics are provided for each facility's contribution to social impact

Whenever imbalance occurs in any natural body, whether it is human, planetary, or even an organizational body, nature acts in lovely ways to magnetize a restoration of balance.  In society today, our civic walls of division make it impossible for all healing modalities, both naturopathic and allopathic to coexist in an unblocked, harmonious system of consumer choice.


Every day, our new scientific and intuitive discoveries are encouraging curiosity seekers to accept both our physical and metaphysical aspects for healing, making our age-old institutions feel out of place while searching for an all around system to support our health.  As a result, our society’s mental, physical, and spiritual confusions are emanating in ever increasing commonality.  


The compounding lessons manifest themselves as community mass shootings, cancer and epidemics of disease, PTSD in veterans and non-veterans, suicides, and the opioid crisis of America.  None of these issues has a solution at the level o f one human individual.  It will require collective efforts to reignite the free trade of wellness, producing the gift of health and happiness we seek to realize in ourselves, our families, and all others.



Donor contributions made here are deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 170.  Proceeds are used for construction of a PurposePool mobile app for donors, patrons, and facilities.

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